Thermoscale TS200C 5-Sheet Pack - Heat Mapping Film


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Fujifilm Thermoscale 200C Heat Mapping Film, 5-Sheet Pack, 300-392°F

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Manufacturer Fujifilm - Value From Innovation Since 1936
Manufacturer Part Number TS-PS
Temperature Range 300F to 392F (149C to 200C)
Sold By Sheet Pack (5 sheets)
Analysis Vibrant, full-color record of heat measurement and distribution
Visual Analysis: Calibration Chart Included at no charge, full color for easy visual analysis
Width 8 in (200 mm)
Length 10.5 in (270 mm)
Thickness 4 mils
Cutting Thermoscale is easy to cut using sharp scissors or a cutting board.
Layers Monosheet Type - film is in a single ply

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See What's Hot℠ with Fujifilm Thermoscale TS200C heat mapping film 5-sheet pack.  Once Thermoscale comes into contact with heat, the film will turn from a light blue to a dark purple shade; the higher the temperature, the darker the color will be. Thermoscale 200C measures between 300-392°F (149-200°C).



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Thermoscale 200C Spec Sheet

Use applications and specifications for the complete line of Fujifilm Thermoscale 200C

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Thermoscale Instructions

Instructions for using Fujifilm Thermoscale

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Smartphone and LCD uses

Use application ideas specifically for manufacturing smartphones and LCDs

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