metricTEMP Small Sheet 50-Pack - Heat Mapping Film


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metricTEMP Heat Mapping Film works from 194º F to 300º F. Small Sheets, 50 pack.

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Manufacturer Pressure Metrics
Manufacturer Part Number MTEMP-SMALL
Temperature Range 194F to 300F (90C to 149C)
Sold By Sheet Pack (50 sheets)
Analysis Easy-to-read thermal grayscale record of heat distribution
Width 7 in (180 mm)
Length 8.5 in (220 mm)
Thickness 2 mils
Cutting metricTEMP is easy to cut using sharp scissors or a cutting board.
Layers Monosheet Type - film is in a single ply

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metricTEMP temperature indicating paper is a heat mapping film which displays heat distribtion from 194°-300°F (90°-149° C) in an easy-to-read greyscale record, with higher temperatures shown as a darker color. The greyscale instantly and inexpensively shows heat distribution, but it does not provide a calibrated temperature reading. For a full-color calibrated record with a color correlation chart, consider the Thermoscale products. This pack has 50 of the small sheets.

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metricTEMP Spec Sheet

Use applications and specifications for metricTEMP thermal grayscale paper

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