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We have films that measure pressure, temperature, and UV light. We also have digital analysis solutions to complement the pressure and UV light films. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and we will gladly send you a free test kit to try as well

Pressure Measurement


Fujifilm Prescale lets you Picture the Pressure®. Prescale is a quick and easy way to check distribution or uniformity of contact pressure. Simply place the pressure indicating film between two mating or contacting surfaces and apply pressure as normally required. The film instantly changes color. The variation in the red color density can be compared with a color chart to determine the pressure. In addition, the color will give an immediate footprint of the area. Any imperfections or variations along the contact area can be spotted with a quick check. There are eight ranges from 0.87 psi (0.006 MPa) to 43,200 psi (300 Mpa), and digital analysis is also available. Try a free test kit to evaluate Prescale in your surface pressure application.

UV Light Measurement


Pressure Metrics lets you See UV In A Whole New Light℠ with our expertise in Fujifilm UVSCALE. UVSCALE is a UV-sensitive film that determines the amount of light distribution along a given surface. This thin and flexible film can be used in places where a radiometer cannot. It is the ideal tool in cases such as a moving line: whether it is a label machine, or curing inks. A color chart is included to instantly gauge the amount of light distribution and to get an approximate measure. Digital analysis is also available. Try a free test kit to evaluate UVSCALE in your UV light measurement application.

Heat Measurement


Thermoscale lets you See What’s Hot℠. Thermoscale is a thin and flexible film that quickly measures heat and heat fluctuation. This makes it ideal for measuring areas where other methods such a heat transducer cannot be used. This makes it an ideal tool for heat seals and any areas where the surface will be in motion. Try a free test kit to evaluate Thermoscale in your heat mapping application.

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