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metricSHIELD polyimide film tape lets you measure pressure from -269C to 400C

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Manufacturer Pressure Metrics
Manufacturer Part Number MSHIELD-TAPE
Temperature Range -452 to 751F (-269 to 400C)
Sold By Thermal Protective Film
Width 1 in (25 mm)
Length 108 ft (33 m)
Thickness 2 mils
Cutting metricSHIELD is easy to cut using sharp scissors or a cutting board.
Layers Monosheet Type - film is in a single ply

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metricSHIELD polyimide film is a thin protective barrier which can remain stable in a wide range of temperatures up to 751 °F (400 °C.) This tape roll can be used to shield the Fujifilm Prescale film in hot environments or in momentary exposures to elevated temperatures.


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metricSHIELD Spec Sheet

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