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Pressure Metrics, based in Whitehouse Station, NJ, is a distributor of pressure indicating film, temperature indicating papers, heat resistant films, and more.


Fujifilm Prescale is a pressure indicating film, a simple and affordable tool that reveals the distribution and magnitude of pressure between any two contacting, mating, or impacting surfaces when exposed to compression force. This pressure sensitive film is coated with micro capsules that rupture when pressure is applied, generating a red color that can be evaluated on a color scale to measure a wide range of pressures, from extreme low to super high.


Our UVSCALE is another of our sensor products which measures ultraviolet light amount distribution by color density. This film uses a layered approach to identify the amount of UV light it receives. The ultraviolet levels can be easily investigated using a standard color chart that shows variations and differences in color characteristics.


Thermoscale is a revolutionary heat sensitive paper or film used for measuring heat distribution easily for a number of applications by analyzing color and density variations. The heat source melts the developer which, in turn, enters the micro capsules and reacts to color-forming agents to produce color. Using a color chart, heat distribution can then be investigated.

All of our sensor products are created with the highest quality materials at affordable costs. Our Fujifilm Prescale is one of the best pressure sensitive products, only we offer it at a substantially lower cost than other companies. Buy online now, or request free samples of any of our products to see for yourself why you should buy from Pressure Metrics. Call Us Today! 1-866-963-2392.

compression force

Fujifilm Prescale responds to pressure by turning different shades of red.


flex sensor

The seven ranges of Prescale cover a wide range of pressures from 7 to 43,200 psi ( 50 kPa to 300 MPa). 

 Automotive  Clamping
 Fuel Cells  Gaskets
 Heat Sealing  Heat Sink
 Impact  Injection Molding
 Lamination  LCD
 Nip Impression  Presses
 Temperature Mapping  U.V. Light Measurement


foot mapping  or  foot pressure sensor










Prescale measures pressure easily. Simply insert between two surfaces.